Name:  Christopher DeLing

Age: 11

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Current City:  Charlotte

Favorite Music: Skrillex, Beastie Boys, Lukas Graham, Beatles

Favorite Books:  Unless it’s a cookbook, I won’t read it

Cooking Style:  Making food everyone loves

Here’s my story. I first started cooking when I was five and I helped my mom in the kitchen. I stuck with it because it was fun and easy but the cookbooks were hard to read. Cooking makes me feel successful and I get stronger at reading. It’s still hard sometimes because I am dyslexic but with cooking you don’t have to be perfect (for the record this is why I hate baking).

The person who mainly inspired me to cook was my cousin Melissa, but we call her Melly Fanny. Why? I got no clue but it’s funny though! She is a chef and a cooking teacher.  I like to cook with her because she’s funny and she loves experiment in the kitchen.  She teaches me a lot about how to cook and what to do. My favorite celebrity chef is Guy Fieri. The reason why I like him the most is because he has so much cooking experience and he is funny and I like his flair.

As a kid I hope to be on Chopped Jr or the Next Food Network Star (the kids version is coming out this August) I want to own a restaurant called Farmed Fresh because I will have a farm in the backyard of the restaurant. I hope you’re enjoying my blog. Keep on cooking.


Chef Christopher