Smoking out 2017


Hey what’s going on guys? I know I haven’t blogged in a long time but middle school has been pretty hard.  I am still cooking and I hope to eventually make a youtube channel of “how to” cooking videos and challenges so stay tuned.  I hope you enjoy the New Years dinner I made.  It absolutely “smoked” the competition.  I saw this recipe on Guys Big Bite and thought it would be the perfect thing to try and then blog about.  For Christmas I got a charcoal grill and this was the first thing I made on it.  Before I tell you what it is…I am about to blow your mind, so you might want to sit down.  This is so epic it might be better than the cotton candy grapes.

I made smoked prime rib with a garlic brown butter sauce.  What would go better than lobster hush puppies and horseradish cream?  (For legal reasons I must say this. No actual puppies were harmed in the making of this dish).  I can’t say the same for the lobster.  Here is the recipe, check it out.

Lobster Hush Puppies

Smoked Prime Rib



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