Slice, Dice and Make it Nice

Hey you guys Captain Culinary here. Today I will be telling you about my top 5 favorite kitchen knifes.

Number 1

Chef Knife a modern-day chef knife is use for multi purposes for different kitchen tasks.

Number 2

A Bread Knife is used for cutting bread and tomatoes because of its serrated age.

Number 3

The San Toku knife is best for slicing, dicing and mincing .

Number 4

A Utility Knife is a kitchen knife that is medium in size between a chef knife and a paring knife.

Number 5

A Paring Knife is a small utility knife that can be used for peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables.

Try and guess which knife is which. If you get it right I will give you a shout out and also comment to give me recipes that I can make. See you guys!

Kid Caterer

Last night my mom hired me to cater which of course I don’t care it was a great experience. Everything was devoured and yes I know what you’re thinking, I crushed it myself  but the guests did get to eat something too. When I started cooking I must’ve at least cooked and prepped for three hours. It was fun and by the end of the day my favorite part was about to come. All I do is eat eat eat no matter what, got cooking on my mind and I never get enough. Setting up and presenting it was fun too.


I’ll tell you the menu. I made a charcuterie platter.  On it was, parmesan and thyme shortbread, herb grilled flatbreads with fig jam, procuitto  wrapped breadsticks, assorted cheeses (the smoked gouda was the best), grapes and olives.  I made the parmesean and thyme shortbreads and the herbed flatbread from scratch.  The flatbread did NOT work out well.  It was too dry and the fig jam did not help at all.  It was terrible.  The parmesan shortbreads were the first to go they were so good.  I also made, bacon wrapped chicken bites (see my other post on how to make these) and BLT sliders.  Some sliders had avocado and others did not.

I think everyone was happy with the food I made.  I was happy to make it and earn some cash. I think my mom should hire me again.  she has to, because I’m her son. Recipes linked below.  For other catering needs make sure the get “The Kings of the Kitchen” in to help.  That is the name of my catering business that I want to start.  Coming soon…or when I’m old enough.  Maybe summer of 2017.

 Parmesan Crackers



I Am Smoking Hog

Hey how’s it going guys? Captain Culinary is back in action. Now if you remember my Swig and Swine post then you will remember what I had to eat. In this blog post I smoked my own pork belly with my homemade rub.

The rub contained many delicious ingredients. It was a dry rub. It contained garlic powder, paprika, cayanne, chili powder, salt and pepper. It was good but I can already tell you this, you should add some lime juice to it. I also should have added more rub because the flavor on the meat was a little weak.

The woodchips I used were hickory chips to get an extra smoky flavor. To prepare the woodchips you need to pour them into a bowl and put water in the bowl and let them sit for 20 minutes. If you use cherry wood chips it will give it a more sweet taste.


The smoker I used was an electric smoker but I wish we had a wood fire smoker. I think it’s the best kind of smoker and that’s what kind I’ll have when I get older. The ones that I have seen are about 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. They’re absolutely huge and you can fit a whole adult hog in there.

The temperature you should set your smoker at is 200 to 225. I made the pork belly into tacos. On mine I put avocados, cheese, lettuce, tomato salsa and of course pork belly. The tacos were so good they will make you drool when you see the pictures.  Comment below if you want me to make a certain dish to blog about.