Farm to table

Hello people of the earth I have come to you with a dish like no other made with mushroom, pig cheeks (Jowels), and duck eggs. It’s a pizza out of this world. Thanks to my grandma and Dziadzi (that’s Polish for grandpa if you forgot) I got these sick ingredients.  I’m only 12 and have no money so grandparents are great.

First I made my homemade dough. I mean what kind of kid that’s an expert chef would not make their own dough? I first got hot water (not too hot) then I put it in a bowl added the packet of yeast to it and put plastic wrap over the bowl. Let it sit for five minutes. Well that’s doing what it does, we get ready on the main base. First you add 3 1/4 cups of flour, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, one cup of water, and three tablespoons of olive oil and the yeast. Let the dough hook knead for five minutes. And went all it’s all incorporated take the dough out of the bowl and put it in a separate bowl. Put a sheet over it or a dish towel and let it sit for one hour.

Now for the toppings. First thing you have to do once you knead your dough out to look like a pizza, you add your sauce. Then you add your cheese and then after that you add the mushrooms and pig cheeks. Put it in the oven for about 15 minutes then take it out and crack one duck egg in the middle and put it in the oven for about five to seven more minutes. When its done let the egg run and enjoy.

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