Philly Football Food

Yes I know what you are thinking I live in  Charlotte North Carolina but yet I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Don’t hate. What I will be telling you about is a great recipe I got from the Food Network app. By the way make sure to download it. It is a great app. The dish is a Philly cheesesteak garbage bread. Yes I know it sounds crazy but it is going to be amazing. It looks like a loaf of bread but when you cut into it it’s like piece of Geno’s cheesesteak came out of the oven. When I made it I could hear angels sing. It is so good Darren Sproles would even eat it for fuel before game. Now enough about that. Here’s some quick tips I’m about to tell you. Make sure you cut the steak very thin. Do not change pans when you cook the steak. You want to cook the vegetables in the pan after your done with the steak so the flavor of the steak in the vegetables. Make sure when you get the dough you punch it a few times. Yes punch it. A float like a butterfly sting like a bee thing.  This gets the air out.  Make sure to pinch the seam and put it on the bottom because I didn’t and most of the juices in inside started falling out when I picked it up.

Cheesesteak Bread Recipe