A Piece of Italy



Hey!! I’m sorry I have not been posting blogs lately.  So to kick things back off, I am going to be making one of my all time favorite dishes called vodka penne.  It’s the best Italian dish I have ever made if I do say so myself.  My great uncle Jim, we call him UJ.  He travels around the world.  When he went to Italy he met a nun and she gave him a recipe for vodka penne it will be the best Italian dish you ever have without having to go to Italy. The only reason this is what we call a “sometimes” food is that it has heavy cream a whole stick of butter and it’s served with buttery homemade cheesy garlic bread goodness.

Start by putting a stick of butter in the pan.  Add 1/4lb of proscuitto (cut into little pieces) brown them until crispy then add a cup of vodka. (I can’t believe grown ups drink that it smells like hand sanitizer) After the vodka cooks down add 30 ounces of tomato sauce. Homemade or in the can.  Bring your water to a boil and add the penne to cook it.  Then add one cup of heavy cream.  Add the pasta and enjoy.

Eat it and feel like you are walking on the streets of Italy