Best BLT round two


After last week’s blog I decided to make my own version of the salmon BLT. I found a recipe to try. The picture on top is from the magazine and the one on the bottom is mine.

Some things really went well and some things…well…aren’t that easy to talk about, but I tried my best. I think that the salmon was really good (it could have been a bit crispier). The toppings worked perfectly together, especially the avocado.  The bread was toasted really well, I actually just put the bread in the toaster and it came out great. Last but not least, the best of the bunch, the BACON was so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

Things that didn’t go well, one was that the bread was too thick on some of the portions because I cut it to thick.  There wasn’t enough aioli so I recommend making double the sauce part of the recipe.  I think this will be the best open faced sandwich you will ever have.  Please comment, and please try the open faced salmon BLT.  Please tell us how it is when you make it.

Salmon Avocado BLT Recipe

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