THE Best of the BLT’s

I went to the Treehouse Restaurant. It’s in Southpark in Charlotte, North Carolina. The reason why they call it the Treehouse is because the inside of the restaurant looks like you’re in a treehouse. There is a actual tree in the middle of the restaurant. I couldn’t climb it though. I started out with the best Fried Pickles in all of North Carolina. The pickles were crispy and juicy with the right amount of breading.  The main dish that I got there was a Salmon BLT on Texas Toast. Yes Texas Toast. It was the best BLT I’ve ever had. There’s something for everybody. They even have a saplings menu for kids. Get it? Get it? Little kids little trees. I definitely would rate the decor a four out of 5 stars. The service 4 1/2 stars and the dish that I got I think is 5 stars. If you ever go there next time look for the cute kid with the amazingly good hair and it will be me. I’ll probably be there.

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