Swig & Swine is Super Fine

Last weekend I went to Charleston and Kiawah Island in South Carolina.  We had dinner at the best place ever.  I’ve been there once before.  How did I find out about it?  It’s easy, my dad goes on trips all the time for work and we get to meet him so once when we went to Charleston he took us to an amazing restaurant called the Swing and Swine. It is amazing. What did I get you ask? The appetizer I had was something you might think is a bit weird, but it’s SO good…pig ears. Yup, pig ears. They were wrapped with lettuce and coleslaw. The reason why they wrapped it together was because the pig ears were so so spicy so it added coolness to even it out. I got pork belly (I got it last time too). It’s like meat made in heaven. The fat of the pork belly melts right in your mouth and it’s so tender. The macaroni and cheese is so good!  Would I recommended this place? Yes! I would tell all of my viewers to go there.  It’s the best BBQ in Charleston.

3 thoughts on “Swig & Swine is Super Fine

  1. Anthony

    Christopher, Thank you so much for your review of Swig & Swine. I am glad you enjoyed everything on both of your visits. I would love to “meat” you next time you make it down to Chucktown. Follow us on FB and Instagram. Send me a message on Swig & Swine FB with your shirt size and we’ll send you some gear so you can rep us in the Queen City !!!
    Thanks again,

    Smoke man / Owner


    • chefchristophercooks

      Dear Chef Anthony,

      Thank you so much. I am totally going to come down the next time my dad is in Chucktown. Thank you for the swine swag. I can’t wait I will wear my chef whites next time I eat there so look for me.

      Chef Chris


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