Captain Culinary goes to JWU

I’m going to culinary camp at Johnson and Whales University.  It’s only Wednesday and I have done so much at cooking camp this week.  We’ve been making different styles of food.  Today I made jambalaya and crawfish.  Yesterday I made orange chicken skewers (which were too dry in my opinion), lemon aioli and an apple cole slaw.  I’ve also made ham and bacon buttermilk biscuits with incredible sausage gravy.

Chef Ray has been a great teacher.  He took us to his garden and we saw all the fruit, vegetable and herb plants he planted.  I tasted a leaf that tasted really sugary.  I think it could be a good substitute for making ice cream.  I saw the whole campus from a chef’s perspective.  On a scale of 1-5, i give this week a 5 so far.


4 thoughts on “Captain Culinary goes to JWU

  1. Kathy Morrow

    Hi Christopher-

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading ALL your posts. You’re an awesome writer and funny, too! Thanks for sharing some recipes with us. I definitely am going to try A Twist on a Campfire Favorite! I love s’mores!!!!! You are doing an AWESOME job with your blog. I have a question about your jambalaya – was the crawfish part of the jambalaya or a completely different dish? I make jambalaya two or three times a year. I was introduced to it when I lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during middle/high school) and I use one of Emeril’s recipe which is great. However, I would love to try your recipe if you want to share it. Back to the crawfish-if it wasn’t part of the recipe, did you boil it? I also love crawfish but have a hard time finding good (aka Big) crawfish here. One year for my son’s First Communion party I had about 40 lbs shipped in from La. They were so good and we had leftovers so I could make crawfish etouffee and pasta with crawfish. Keep up the FANTASTIC writing and cooking! You’re going to go places in the culinary world.

    Kathy Morrow


  2. Nana

    Wow- the garden at JWU…who knew?? keep up the great work…I love your opinions…you sure have a gift of taste, and in my opinion…a great way of describing everything…
    we are super proud you are going full speed ahead with your talent….
    Love you~


  3. Sarah

    I am so proud of you Christopher! You are an incredible chef 🙂 I can’t wait to have you cook in our new place when you are in Syracuse next. I need some new recipes, Uncle John and I eat the same things over and over and over! We need your help!
    Keep being awesome dude!
    Love you tons,
    Aunt Rara


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