Meet Your New Favorite Chef

Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m Christopher and I’m going to be your new favorite chef. I’m 11 years old and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I might be a southern gentleman these days but I was born in Syracuse, NY and I love local food from both cities. I’ll eat almost anything and I love experimenting with food. Stay tuned for local restaurant reviews that both kids and parents will love and epic recipes from yours truly. IMG_3596

10 thoughts on “Meet Your New Favorite Chef

  1. Melissa Kasz

    This is so fabulous Christopher! ! I’m super proud of you and can’t wait to read your next installment.
    Xxoo MellyFanny


  2. Kati

    Congrats on your amazing blog, Chef Christopher!!! You are indeed our favorite Chef!! Mr. Todd & I can’t wait to follow all of your posts! We hope you’re having the best time at J&W! Hugs!!!

    Salivating in Jupiter,
    Kati & Todd


  3. Nana

    I have finally found where to leave a message…I am so proud of you Christopher…The world will be a better place and people will learn about good food after following you!!
    I love you and super proud of how hard you work and willing to share all this with others…
    You might be the new favorite chef to some- but you will always be my favorite chef…and I’m following you forever……..can’t wait to read what is next…


  4. Zach Papaleoni

    Christopher, my name is Zach Papaleoni, I’m a chef at Wegmans in your home town of Syracuse. I actually went to high school with your mom and aunt. I’m inspired by what you’re doing. Been following you for a while now through things your mom shares on Facebook.

    Your passion and pure love for food is inspiring. Keep following your heart. I’ll keep an eye on your blog.. It’s awesome!


  5. Chuchie

    Just wondering Chef, can we ask you questions? I was wondering if you think kids would eat more veggies if they could pick them out and help cook them?


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